Buy Our Shuffle Master Deckmate 2 for Sale

Casinos are a great place for people to spend some of their extra time. From slot machines to blackjack, there’s always something to do in a casino. If you own a casino, it’s in your best interest to have top of the line equipment. Gold Crown Gaming offers the Shuffle Master Deckmate 2 for sale. We ship nationally, so you don’t have to worry about not being in the right area.

Do you need an amazing shuffler with incredible features? Look into the Deckmate 2 Shuffle Master for sale by Gold Crown Gaming today. We know you won’t be disappointed. 

Why Use a Shuffler?

A shuffler is used to protect the casino and the player. It keeps both the player and the dealer from cheating. It prevents people from counting cards or slipping in extra cards when shuffling. Shufflers prevent these things by making sure that the cards come out randomly. Shufflers can even detect a card that is improperly coded. 

So protect your casino and your customers by investing in a shuffler. Specifically, invest in the Shuffle Master Deckmate 2.

Why Get the Deckmate 2?

An amazing aspect of the Shuffle Master Deckmate 2 is that it can shuffle a deck in 22 seconds. The first Deckmate could do it in only 45 seconds. The Deckmate 2 also has card recognition, has a remote touchscreen display, and allows the dealer to call the clock. All of these characteristics make the Deckmate 2 the ideal choice for your casino.

If you own a casino and you want excellent equipment, choose to buy from Gold Crown Gaming. We’re the suppliers you deserve. Besides the Shuffle Master Deckmate 2, we also supply slot machines, chippers, and chairs. You get everything you need with one company. Contact us today at (305) 351-9513 to make an order.